Yes8sg to be organizing a giveaway event this Christmas

The no.1 online casino to be conducting a huge event

Singapore: 31st December 2019 will be a great day for the yes8sg – a legal, credible, reliable, and trustful online casino which stands at the first position in terms of the online casinos in Singapore, since on this day yes8sg will be celebrating a giveaway event that is named “yes8sg Christmas celebration Chelsea jersey giveaway”. Under this they have planned a lot of things such as:

  • They will give away a Chelsea jersey to a successful deposit member who gets qualified as the winner for a Chelsea t-shirt.
  • They will be appointing three KOLs as the persons who will be posting the video of the winners along with a unique reference of ID that will help them to distinguish each of the selected candidates.
  • They will also be celebrating the Christmas Eve of the 2019 with the help of various attractive performances.

There are three key opinion leaders in total and they are found to be big influencers and marketers. They are Wenxian Huang, sabee996, and TzeQian. They have a plenty large number of followers on their Instagram handles and that is why they have decided to post the videos of the winners through the means of their instagram handle only.

The Chelsea and the yes8 Singapore are partnered since a long time and the yes8 Singapore is the official betting partners of this renowned football club, Chelsea.

The event is assured to be a memorable one and there are a lot of things that the organizers have decided for the event. There will be a lot of performances that will add a spark to the event since it is organized by such a legal, credible, reliable, and trustful online casino operator, yes8sg.

The key opinion leaders that are appointed for the event are highly popular and well known influencers, and marketers that will get more audience to engage in the event through their social media accounts in which they have a plenty large number of followers.

Each of the KOLs will be receiving a reference id and on the basis of that only they will be announcing the names of the winners with the help of a video that will be posted on their instagram handles. There will be a limited number of the selected winners that will be getting the opportunity of grabbing a Chelsea football club jersey.

The yes8 online casino operators are conducting this event on the occasion of Christmas Eve. This event is a kind of get together event under which various known personalities will be present and will be attending the event.

There is a giveaway to be done in the event under which some of the lucky attendees of the event will be provided with a t-shirt of the Chelsea football club. No doubt in the fact that the fans of the Chelsea football club will be surely attending the event.

The Chelsea football club is a well known name in the domain of football and therefore, with such a name, they always require to engage their fans in interactive activities such as the leisure of engaging them in the activity of fantasy sports.

This is what the yes8 online casino operators are helping them to achieve by being their official betting partners and with such a great match, it is indeed necessary to conduct such events that will engage the fans a lot more with the companies.

Therefore, to maintain their prestige among the friends, they are conducting such an event and not only for this, but they also do care about their audience and as we all know, Christmas is a festival of thanksgiving and as a token of appreciation to their valuable and prestigious fans, they are conducting a giveaway event for the same as well.

Under the giveaway, they are giving away nothing but official merchandise straight from the Chelsea football club, i.e. a t-shirt of the Chelsea football club. This is surely a perfect gift for the fans that are attending the event just for the sake of being updated with their favourite football club.

There might be some announcements that might be made during the event but for present there is no such news in the sources regarding the event.

About yes8sg: yes8 is a popular online casino operator which is operable in Singapore and it is also renowned as the number one casino operator which is legal, credible, trusted, and reliable as well.