FirstWinn celebrates their partnership with Liverpool Football club

The mobile casino experiences a rapid growth among the casino operators in Malaysia and Singapore

Singapore: In December 2019, FirstWinn – the leading mobile casino in the Singapore is proud to be the official betting partner of Liverpool football club. Besides, FirstWinn received the award of Best Casino Operator in Asia 2019. After such a huge growth, FirstWinn has decided to run a giveaway promotion campaign to broadcast this news in the Christmas Eve of 2020.

The campaign will be joined by 3 KOLs who will broadcast the message and the three KOLs are joey shiwei, josephy li, and yjjong that have Instagram handles Joey_lsw, Miko, and Stella.

As a part of celebration to this great achievement, FirstWinn has decided to do these things as follows:

  • Give away a Liverpool T-shirt
  • Invite three KOLs
  • Announce their betting partnership with Liverpool FC

The deal will let the FirstWinn get a major exposure through the branding from the stadium and from the digital platforms owned by Liverpool football club. They will also be getting access to the players of the team and club legends as well. This will allow the fans to engage with their favorite footballers in broader ways in the football world.

Liverpool surely performs better on the ground and never let its fans down. Similarly, it also does the same for the fans at off-pitch. They engage the fans more by partnering with such a great betting partner, FirstWinn.

FirstWinn has always utilized its partnership with various brands in order to make a growth in its global presence. This enables the supporters of the FirstWinn to be able to enjoy various advantages and offers which are related to the specific sports brand they have partnered with.

Furthermore, FirstWinn as being one of the best and leading mobile casino operators in Singapore and Malaysia, and being legible, credible, and reliable in both of the countries, is a good name that is joining as the betting partners for the Liverpool football club.

After getting the betting partnership from the renowned football club, Liverpool football club, the company can expect to get a huge amount of exposure from several media partners, players of the Liverpool football club, banners of the stadium, and from the digital mediums which are owned by the Liverpool football club.

There is no tweet by the official twitter handle of the FirstWinn but the CEO has tweeted about it and stating about the event that they are going to conduct. The event will be hosted on December at time of Christmas Eve and New Year which means the partnership of this perfect match will be announced in the very beginning of the year 2020.

 The companies are expecting many things as well as benefits from each other and expect a very long partnership together.

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